Watch out for old age.

No one prepares you for adulthood. You simply wake up one morning, look in the mirror and what do you see? A fully grown man. With a beard. Or without. Either way, when you went to sleep the previous night you were just a child hoping to wake up at sunrise and play hide and seek with other children. But the plot gets twisted. You awake and you find the child in your house ain’t you, but yours.
Yes, you can still play hide and seek. Just not with children. You can do that with your landlord at the end of every month. But this time when he catches you, you will pay rent.
You know what happened? ¬†Adulthood came silently in the night like a thief. That cunning bastard. Or maybe he warned you for years that he was coming but you wouldn’t listen. What matters is that he is here, finally.
You can run and you can hide. But you can’t run back into childhood, neither can you hide from adulthood. Embrace the sudden change. After all, you will always be a child at heart. And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, sell it for profit and pay the rent. Enjoy adulthood, but watch out for old age.


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