By the end of the night, the numbers must add up.

When Covid-19 showed up unwanted, 7pm became the new 10pm. Even on Fridays. Usually, the city in the sun would be bustling with activity. Music would be booming from clubs, shops, and anywhere else with enough space to set up speakers. Hawkers would be selling their wares on the busy streets, shouting ‘beba na mia’ to anyone who passes by. Matatus would be hooting incessantly, jostling for space in a city chocking under the grip

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The Guy With Unfinished Business.

Let’s say you know a guy. This guy is young, he has to be, because there’s an age you reach and people can no longer refer to you as ‘guy’. He’s about 30 years old. A modern guy. By modern, I mean he drives a Subaru. No, scratch that, that’s too much of a cliché. He does own a car but it’s certainly not a Subaru and no, he doesn’t call it ‘my moti’. It’s

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Time to Bloom

Have you ever wondered what defines ‘being young’? Is it an age thing, as in, can we say, for instance, that if you’re between the ages of 0-30, then you’re young? If that’s so, then what happens as soon as you hit 31? Do people automatically just start referring to you as mzee, or mama nani? If that’s not the case, is ‘being young’ a state of being? Those who say they are ‘young at

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