Running Stereotypes

Picassocreations My cousin (name withheld) recently decided that he had had enough of this bachelor life. So he and his fiancée sat down over a candlelit dinner in some exotic restaurant to chart their life together. He was dressed in a white African dashiki shirt, black khaki trousers and matching Clarks shoes. She was in [...]



I have had a busy and stressful week. It's like the universe had conspired to heap more and more work on me this past few days. And I couldn't complain because bills have to be paid. It's just the way life is. You put in long hours busting your ass but still have to be [...]

Keep Walking

The new month smells like freedom, freedom from the treacherous January, a month which had led folks like me through a path on to which the thorny consequences of last holiday's spending spree had been laid. We walked that path and allowed our then impoverished feet to be pricked and our hands to be bound together [...]

Life Happened

Photo Credits: cilapichaphotography You only become cognizant of how fast time passes when you run into an old friend. And as you bump into each other haphazardly, you feel a certain tingling inside of you - that tingling of awkwardness that slowly mutates into an overwhelming sense of guilt, carefully hidden behind a veil of [...]