Power Nap

Time often ticks away with such deceptive simplicity, you’d be tempted to undermine its place in the grand scheme of things. Many times when I look at my watch, how the leather straps are clasped around my wrist, I can’t help thinking how easy it is to believe that that’s the same grip I have over time. That I control time. But time has no master, it has a way of slipping through even the deadliest of grips, inviting change that’s often disruptive. Maybe that’s why many of us have a bitter-sweet relationship with time. How many times have you wished you could stop time so that some moments could live forever? And how many times have you wished time would fast-forward?

A few months ago, I took a ‘power-nap’ from writing on this space. A power nap ideally that was supposed to take a week or so, but look, months have elapsed since then. I was supposed to come back with lots of gusto, a rejuvenated mind in which you can enjoy taking trips in. But time waits for no man, not even the one who’s lying on his back taking a nap. You can’t own time like you own money.

Let me tell you what happened as I took a nap. Do you remember the late bloomer? Our friend who always fell behind time in showing up and growing up? We left him here; https://benmokamba.co.ke/2019/05/04/the-morning-after/, just before I took the ‘nap’. He had a wake up call, twice, because who doesn’t love their sleep? We were supposed to find out what happened to him next, right? After he went home the morning after to nurse his hangover?

Let’s imagine he woke up that afternoon, and something had changed within him. Because if you look too closely, we all wake up every morning a different person from we were. Sometimes its a wrinkle that starts to form on our forehead because we love to frown at life. Sometimes it’s weight that we have gained. Sometimes it’s a new job with a better pay that changes the way we talk and where we live. But many times, it’s the change that comes from within that shows how time works on us. Eventually, even late bloomers’ have their own time to shine.

What do you think happened to the late bloomer after his wake up call? Equally important, what have you been up to this past couple of months. Maybe we will catch up more next week. We’ll know what happened to the late bloomer then.

In the meantime, time is ticking.

Tic, toc.


Watch out for old age.

Mama Shuks

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