Do you know you?

I'm seated on a wooden four-legged chair with a high back, this very seat that overlooks a white wall overlain in flowery wallpaper. It is in this very seat that I often settle down to write, and it is this same damn wall that I sometimes find myself staring at for hours on end when [...]

Second Chances

6.30pm, Friday. You're in your favorite bar, a beer in front of you. It is the color of the setting sun, and it's frothing at the top. The glass is full to the brim and you take a gulp. You've just been laid off from work - at a consultancy firm set in the middle [...]



  A story is told, from a land far away from here, of a man who had a dog. The dog was an Akita breed, and as time went by the two became loyal friends - a dog and its human. The man was a lecturer at a university in Tokyo, and the dog used [...]