Late Bloomer spin-off

I started a writing project. To be honest, it came as an afterthought. Sometimes an afterthought transforms into a cutting-edge innovation. This project is spin-off story series of the late bloomer, a story dedicated to the true late bloomers – those always late to the party that life is.

It (the spin-off) is based on a fictional character – Howard, who by all accounts, is the poster child of blooming late. As the episodes unfold, you’ll realise that it is an well-intended attempt at satire and at worst, dry humor.

I had an initial thought of turning it into a book, but the world is becoming more & more digitized, so why insist on getting stuck in the past? People have been writing books way before even the Son of Man walked on His Father’s green earth. If you’re then wondering why I would spend time churning creative fiction and post it for all and sundry, for free, then wonder no more, because my intentions have never been to create primarily for money, but to support reading culture and to sharpen my prose and brighten my creative spark.

The good news is, the spin-off will not run at the expense of this space. I will continue to write here as I have done for the past four years albeit intermittently. For the avoidance of doubt, this blog doesn’t generate any material income. At least not yet. It is a labor of love.

Who is Howard, you may ask. Howard is a twenty-something year old urbane guy. Living in the city. No, he actually lives in Rongai. He is a freelancer living in a humble abode in the badlands. I mean Rongai. Probably has unkempt hair. Not probably, he actually has unkempt hair. And a girlfriend named Mia. Also a friend called Jasper, whose influence to the late bloomer is debatable. Actually, sometimes I think that Jasper is the real late bloomer. Another friend – Sokoro, laser-focused, a brilliant nerd. I don’t know what bad karma he has with the gods for him to be paired with Jasper and Howard, because they don’t deserve him. Not with his sensibilities.

The setting is urban life. Millennial urban life. Every episode depicts an attempt at humor. Many of the incidents, quite relatable. Some are based on events that have actually happened in the past, with a creative twist of course, because you know what they say – never let the truth get in the way of a good story. All are works of fiction, so any coincidences with names, events, places of business or pleasure & leisure are highly laughable at best, and deeply regrettable at worst, and my hope is that the former always prevails.

I haven’t decided on how often the episodes will come out. Weekly sounds good, yes, but procrastination begs to differ. I’ll try my best. In the meantime, you can subscribe on the blog, or should we call it a magazine? you shall get a notification every time a story comes up.

In the meantime, happy reading.


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