Keep Walking

The new month smells like freedom, freedom from the treacherous January, a month which had led folks like me through a path on to which the thorny consequences of last holiday’s spending spree had been laid. We walked that path and allowed our then impoverished feet to be pricked and our hands to be bound together by chains of debt. We were led down a path of economic ruin into a fiscal rock bottom where the only way you can climb out is with the help of M-Shwari loans. We walked that cursed path, watching helplessly as our financial houses, built upon shaky foundations, collapsed because the center could not hold.
But when the clock struck midnight on Tuesday, this long and unforgiving month met its highly anticipated death and in its place, a new month was born and we happily named it February.
February, this new baby of ours, deserves a proper baby shower. This weekend, entertainment spots in the city will be filled to the brim. Peeps will walk into the club with an intent to ‘tell their bodies sorry’ then ironically proceed to punish those same bodies with too much alcohol. Liquor will be poured from fancy bottles into shots glasses. Toasts will be made. Wine bottles will be popped open.
And in the wee hours of the morning,  these good people will head home in a state of inebriated excitement where knickers, worn specifically to usher in the new month, will be removed by strangers.
Either way, sometimes I picture us looking back over our shoulders to see how far we have come, our faces glistening with pride, eyes burning with achievement and hope. And we can see how we have journeyed through triumphs and sorrows and perhaps treated both with the indifference they called for, because we had to keep on walking, to keep up with the changing times. We can see how we made it even if it seemed the odds were rigged against our favor.
The secret of how we did it is finally out. We kept walking.
So like Johnnie Walker, keep walking, despite your circumstances.
Cheers to the new month.
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