A Letter to the Tribe

So the story I ran last week is about Mark, an alcoholic who finally sought help. The setting is in a chapel, it is an AA meeting. I intended to depict the typical dynamics that turn addiction into a vicious cycle. Not that I am an expert in addiction matters. The story ends whichever way you’d like it. Either with Mark getting the help he much needed. Then rebuilding his relationship with his son. Then hooking up with Sophia and riding off into the sunset with their kids in tow. Obviously they will both manage to stay sober. I could let this story end like this, with the promise of a happy ever-after. But will I have done it justice? Will it be a true reflection of what happens in the world that we live in? Alternatively, I could end it with a heartbreak somewhere, and a relapse, with Mark sinking further down the hole of addiction because even though we say that someone has hit rock bottom we forget that some pits are bottomless. That once you fall into such a pit you can keep going and going until it is too late, with no chance to rebound. I could end it like this, but then this would leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and you would hate me for it.

Nevertheless, this is a work of fiction, picked straight from the depths of my mind, but of course it has many connotations to real life experiences. We all know someone who has found themselves entangled in chains of addiction. And sometimes it is not entirely their fault. Addiction is a complex disease, and sometimes all an addict needs is someone to hold space for them without passing unsolicited judgement. Only an addict knows what it feels to be an addict. The discretion to decide where this story goes, I leave it entirely to you this time. I believe I have made my point. Pursuing this story any further is like flogging a dead horse. I have therefore moved on to other matters. In fact, I have written a letter for you to explain the same. Please find attached.

Dear tribe,

I hope this finds you well.

As you can see, I have moved. We started from the bottom, but we are moving up the ladder. My blog now has many features. Thanks to these features, we can now afford to enjoy many options that we previously could not. What is life if you cannot have options innit? You see,  I am always looking out for better. And this is because I want you to have the best experience here. This is just the beginning. There is more to come.

Even though this still remains a personal blog, and the idea behind it remains the same, the name has changed. I have settled upon ‘A Developing Story’, after a bit of introspection. Originally, the blog had my name on it. But then it always felt like it was focusing entirely on me, even though I want it to be about you as much as it is about me. Hence its new name. I hope you like it. Or at least you grow to like it. I can hear the murmurs among you, that I didn’t give you an opportunity to suggest a name. That you would have come up with something much better. But if you really think about it, it isn’t entirely my fault. You rarely comment on my posts. You rarely give me feedback, folk. Some of you tiptoe around here, perusing through my posts, ever so wary to make sure that you leave everything in place the way you found them, so that I do not notice that you graced this blog with your presence. Some of you at least remember to click ‘Like’ on Facebook and Instagram when I alert you guys that there is a new post here. Allow me to let you in on a little secret at this point. I may pretend to be strong and independent, but deep down I still yearn for your validation. Those likes mean a lot to me, much more than you might think. Every time my phone beeps with a notification that one of you was actually impressed by the words that I write here, I die from joy, up to the moment I am reborn in the thick plot of a new story.

Kindly note that this is a time when I am still finding my literary voice. I might therefore keep jumping from genre to genre, trying out new styles. I am basically an adolescent writer (if such exist). For instance, the last story, the one about Mark, was fiction. You never know, perhaps the next might be a poem. Do you like poetry though? Anyway, don’t get a heart attack if you check in here and find something different, just go with the flow. Act normal. Act normal even when I rearrange my blog from time to time, or even when I try out new background colors, or even when I change the font so that the words look like something written by Constantine. You all know Constantine, that emperor of Rome from back in the day, don’t you? OK. Just read the Bible and you will stumble upon him somewhere.

Last but not least, I intend to be here for a long long time. Many things might change over the aforesaid time, but the voice behind the change will remain the same. I still will be the one lurking behind the content herein. And at the very least, I hope that this blog will help you develop an unrivaled reading culture. That you will find solace, contentment and entertainment in between these pages. I will keep writing if you keep reading. And finally, before you start clapping, I wish to inform you that sometimes life happens, and I may often fail to find an opportunity (or the inspiration) to write as often as I’d wish to. So I want to settle to writing at least twice a month. I hope you like this arrangement, or at the very least, you will grow to like it. If not, we can always work something out. Most of all, feel at home when you are here.


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