When you didn’t pick up…

Do you remember the friend who was always late? There was that Friday night when when he called and texted, you didn’t pick up. You didn’t pick up because you didn’t hear the phone ring. You didn’t hear the phone ring because you were sound asleep on the couch. You were sound asleep on the couch because you’d had a long day, and your energy was spent like a bullet cartridge. While sleep had taken

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The Late Bloomer

We all have that one friend who seems to never be on time. If life was a party, he’d show up after the fun has ended, a bottle of whiskey in his right hand and car keys jingling in his left. He’d stand at the door awkwardly, eyes darting left and right hoping to land on a familiar face. You’d see him before he sees you, noticing how his aura is encased in a distinct

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The Masks We Wear

Can you remember when you first wore a mask? You might have been so young, relishing in the joys of childhood. Perhaps it was in school, and the school bully teased you so much that you allowed the tears to flow freely down your smooth innocent cheeks. Remember the subsequent laughter from your classmates, the stern warning from your teacher, ‘boys don’t cry’, and the disapproval of your peers. Over time you internalized that crying signified

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The Other Side

So let’s say this young guy is living in a ramshackle room in that side of the city where no one likes to talk about. There, homes are crammed together, set over a foundation of broken sewer, competing for space in a clearly space-less setting.  This jostling for space defines the nature of housing there, extending over the horizon, filling the landscape like a canvas. There is no place for kids to play and even

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