Lies Judges Tell

Let’s suppose that you’re a singer waiting for your turn on the stage. You’re young, eager to prove yourself to the world, yearning to make your mark on the world. You take a deep breath, drawing air deep down to your belly, then you slowly exhale, just like you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror. Only that before the mirror, you only had your reflection to conquer. Now, the whole world is looking at

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Sailing Through

Imagine yourself falling in love, whatever that means to you. Let’s say it happens the conventional way. You bump into her at a party, or in church perhaps. A week later, you two are an item. It becomes disruptive, your life turns upside down, priorities shift like political alliances. Mornings become a time for anticipation, will you wake up to a ‘good morning baby’ text from her? Gradually, your head space becomes invaded with constant

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High Stakes

Imagine yourself plopped up on your office seat with your elbows leaning on your desk, your fingers punching furiously at the keyboard of your computer, and your eyes squinting at the screen in front of you. There is a┬ámug on the desk, half full with coffee that has now turned cold because it’s been a couple of minutes before you took your last sip. It’s one of those days when your in-tray is overflowing with

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The Little Book of Rhymes

I picture a young rapper standing on the stage, he’s dressed in a white tee shirt and blue jeans and sneakers. His right hand is holding a microphone, his brow is dripping sweat, and his eyes are gazing beyond the crowd before him, gazing at a place only he seems to see. The crowd starts chanting his name, his face lights up, and I imagine the butterflies in his tummy evaporating away as confidence comes

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