The Interview That Never Happened

When you hear the word ‘millenial’, what picture comes to your mind? For me, the most vivid picture is that of a young guy in his mid-twenties trudging wearily in the streets of this city in the sun, bracing the scorching afternoon heat because he is a man on a mission. He’s wearing a white shirt tucked into beige khaki pants, black official shoes and a frown on his face. There’s a brown envelope tucked under

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The Voices in His Head

There are times when we run out of things to distract us from ourselves. During those times, we’re compelled to endure that emptiness that lives somewhere inside of us, that void that we spend most of our lives looking for things and experiences to fill. For some reason, there is always someone who feels that void more than others, it comes like a tinge of sadness that never seems to ebb away no matter what

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The Exit Plan

There is no tale as heartbreaking as that of a life full of potential going to waste, to never again have the opportunity to explore the immense possibilities that come with the gift of being alive. Sometimes I picture this young guy, what do we call him? Let’s call him Kim. Our story begins when he’s still in his late 20s, still a ‘millenial’. He is staring at the blunt squeezed in between his thumb

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