A Prayer of Serenity (Part 2)

Even though everyone comes in at their own time, they are all a few minutes apart. The hall which had erstwhile been cold and empty, is now coming alive as the ever pleasant sound of genuine laughter and the blend of different voices combine forces to drive out the somber evening mood. Mark’s anxiety lessens its grip on him and he forgets that he ‘needed’ a drink. Sophia is now settled beside him, and a

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A Prayer of Serenity

There are days when the darkness arrives early on duty to watch over the earth. However, on the other days, she takes her time like a woman preparing for a dinner date. She jumps into the shower, scrubs herself clean for an hour and a half, then walks to her room where the big task awaits her. She tries out a new outfit; a pair of silk beige pants and a white blouse on top,

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