What’s so new about the new year?

I wake up in the morning and what is the first thing I do? Check my phone. I mean, who doesn’t? First stop today was Facebook. Messages of goodwill from across the globe had filled my timeline. ‘Happy New Year!’, New Year New Me!’, ‘New Year New Things!’.
So I check my M-Pesa account. Nothing new in there.
I go through my Whatsapp conversations. I see a couple of blue ticks. Evidence of intense conversations initiated last year -prematurely ended by God knows what – are still unanswered. Only thing that wasn’t there is a new text from someone I know – names withheld for obvious reasons – asking whether I know of a hangover remedy that actually works. Apparently, the effects from their drinking escapades seem to have followed them well into the new year.
Then I rummage through the Internet. Donald Trump is still the President-elect of the USA. I also check down in the south, Robert Mugabe is still at the helm of the presidency in Zimbabwe. His not so young brother-in-power Yoweri Museveni still runs Uganda. Even in Russia, Putin has stayed put.
Promises made at the beginning of 2016 are still unfulfilled. New year resolutions left abandoned like an unwanted child. Backs are still waiting to be scratched, the itch growing stronger by the minute. Dreams still waiting to be followed. Startups still waiting for capital. Ideas longing for their time to come. Glass ceilings yet to be shattered.
HELB loans have to be paid. Someone somewhere still waiting for a good morning text.  And to make matters worse, even Chelsea are still on top of the EPL table.
All this left me wondering, what’s new about the new year?


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