The chronic late comer

There are days when you awake suddenly from a deep slumber, open your eyes and see streaks of sunlight penetrating through the corners of your curtain to light up your room. Days when you turn quickly to glance at your wall clock, fearing that you are late again for that important meeting at work. Days when your fear is confirmed and panic strikes you with so much force that it numbs you for a minute.

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Life Happened

  You only become cognizant of how fast time passes when you run into an old friend. And as you bump into each other haphazardly, you feel a certain tingling inside of you – that tingling of awkwardness that slowly mutates into an overwhelming sense of guilt, carefully hidden behind a veil of feigned concern. Your guilt is justified. This is not the first time you have met under such circumstances. The last time you

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City in the Sun

The clock has just struck 5 in the pm and the sun is almost going down in the west. Within no time, men and women start flowing from their offices and into the streets. Some check into Java for a coffee date. Or a late lunch. Others, too tired after a long day of service in the corporate scene, trudge wearily through the heart of the city hoping to beat the eternal traffic jams and

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